Our Partners


We partner with numerous businesses and individuals across Australia (and some overseas) who help us on our mission to plant millions of trees and spread the word of delicious organic Shoshin Matcha. Here are some of them!

Eden projects logo

Eden Reforestation Projects - USA

Eden Reforestation Projects is our tree planting partner. They are the legends that are on the ground working with local communities across 6 countries to plant millions of trees. They have actually planted over 260,000,000 trees! That is actually incredible. We are so fortunate to have a organisation like this that we can work with to help change the world one tree at a time!

They can be found here: https://edenprojects.org/

FitLane - Brighton, VIC

FitLane Brighton was our first partnership with a Australian fitness company / gym. They pride themselves on supporting their members with achieving their fitness goals through exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

They can be found here: https://www.fitlane.com.au/

Green-Steam Carpet Clean - Sydney, NSW

Green-steam are our go to cleaning company for our office and workspace. We also use them if we do events and require their cleaning services. They do a 5 star job, better than any other company around. They are also a green tree planting partner of Eden projects (our tree planting partner).

They can be found here: https://www.green-steam.com.au/