Our Matcha range

We import 4 different grades of the highest quality organic Matcha grown and ground in Uji, Kyoto, Japan.

Why do we do we have 4 grades? We want to offer a choice from the absolute top notch stuff, down to the standard cooking matcha and some in between. 

Which type of matcha should you buy? Each matcha grade has a very unique flavour profile and your choice should be based on how you are going to use it. To make things easier for you, here we explain the differences between our grades and the best use for each one.

Lastly, there is nothing else in our matcha but matcha!

NO raw sugar, NO fillers, NO coconut sugar, NO “insert another fancy name of sugar”, which is just how it should be…

Organic Japanese Matcha SEI

Sei (Organic Ceremonial Matcha)

This is our best stuff, the cream of the crop, the bee knees! This matcha is the stuff Japanese monks drink in Buddhist temples to help with energy and focus.

Our Sei organic ceremonial matcha comes from only the finest first-harvest tea and has a very mild, almost sweet taste.

It’s the number one choice for those who like the best tasting Usucha, a.k.a thin tea, (think a typical cup of tea just made with matcha instead) or a more traditional style drink such as Koicha, a.k.a. thick tea, (what has powered the monks in Japan over the centuries).

No need to add sugar here!

This is our favourite matcha! Try it and you’ll know what we are talking about!

Organic Japanese Matcha JAKU

Jaku (Organic Ceremonial Matcha)

This is also premium stuff. It’s the most common matcha grade used to prepare the type of tea served in the Chakai tea ceremony and the most common matcha preparation in Japan.

Our Jaku organic ceremonial matcha comes from mostly first-harvest tea with a very small addition of second-harvest tea. This blend contributes to its unique flavour profile being mild, earthy and almost sweet.

It’s the best choice for those who love Usucha (thin matcha) and it’s also a great choice for your matcha latte. Any drink prepared with Jaku will rock your tastebuds.

Organica Japanese matcha WA

Wa (Organic Premium Matcha / Cafe blend)

This is the favourite of the cafes that sell our Matcha!

This is what you need to have if you are a matcha latte aficionado. Love your bullet proof matcha? Fancy a matcha cocktail? This is the stuff to buy. You can even have it as a tea as well!

Our Wa has a rich, full bodied taste with sweet notes and a complex flavour.

Wa is ideal for all types of drinks including matcha lattes, bullet proof matcha, juices, teas and cocktails. However, it still works well in a tea. Check out our recipe page for some recipes! and send us yours. Be creative!

Organica premium matcha

Kei (Organic Culinary Matcha)

Love your desserts? Love that umami flavour of matcha? You need this one!

Our Kei organic culinary matcha has a deliciously intense and bold flavour.

Kei is perfect for delicious matcha desserts like cupcakes, mug cakes, cheesecakes, ice-cream, protein balls, etc.

BUT in saying that you can still drink this! Feel like a smoothie? or another mixed matcha drink? You can use this as well!

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Our Matcha range made easy for you:

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