Our story


Shoshin Matcha was founded in 2017, but our inspiration to start the business goes way back in time. Grandma migrated to Brazil from Japan in 1930 to work in the coffee farms.

Japanese tradition tea

As most immigrants, she struggled to get by and support her three kids. Life was not easy and she missed home, the food and the Japanese way of living, but one of the Japanese traditions she kept alive was drinking matcha.

Japanese tradition tea

Every month grandma would always save some money and go to the Japanese district to buy some imported matcha. It wasn’t cheap, so she would have only one cup of matcha a day with dad and his brothers. It was a family moment. She would talk about her family back in Japan, their traditions and stories.

Japanese tradition tea

Dad grew very fond of matcha and passed on the tradition to me and my sister. We would have a cup of matcha every afternoon. In the most simple and traditional way: simply with hot water and zero sugar. No milk, no honey, no cinnamon.

When I moved to Sydney in 2015 I went on a mission to find good matcha. I tried a lot of brands, but when you are passionate about something, you can become really picky. One thing that frustrated me is that most brands would sell the same type of matcha for tea and cooking. Other brands would have drinking matcha and cooking matcha, but wouldn’t tell me which grade of drinking matcha they were selling.

John saw my frustration and said I should import my own. Maybe even sell it. I had never thought about having my own business, but it sounded just right. We then started our search for the best matcha producers. We spent over a year trying different samples, working on the website, design, labels, etc. It was all new to us. 

We also wanted to give something back to the environment - but how? We knew we wanted to somehow offset any carbon footprint, help an environmental charity or something of the sort. A friend put us in touch with an organisation that he was partnered with that plants trees for every product he sells. From there, we now have an agreement with the organisation (Eden Reforestation Projects) and for every matcha we sell, they will plant 10 trees around the world in countries like Haiti, Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia and more. HOW COOL IS THAT?. This doesn’t just help the planet with more trees to suck up the ever increasing C02 we are pumping into the atmosphere, it also helps repair damaged ecosystems which includes the local wildlife. AND if that’s not enough, it also helps the locals in those countries as it provides them with paid labour as they are the people planting the trees!

So, here we are now. Selling the highest quality organic matcha at an affordable price. We want people to experience the perfect mix of sweet and bitter and that rich umami flavour our matcha has while doing something good for the earth. For us, matcha is not only a superfood rich in antioxidants, it is a cultural experience with a history more than a thousand years old that today can be incorporated in delicious and modern drinks and dishes. We do hope you enjoy your experience with us!

Sabrina + John