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Healthy, delicious,

life-changing Matcha.



Matcha + Us

We have some of the best and fair priced premium organic Japanese matcha going around. We know it and so will you, but we want to do more than just rock your tastebuds with amazing matcha. We want to plant millions of trees around the planet.

Every product you buy, we plant 10 trees around the world in countries that truly need the help and support. Why? Because we think that the benefits of Matcha shouldn’t stop making you feel good when you aren’t drinking it.

You have two homes


Let’s take care of them both.

Trees planted around the world: 3240


Our Matcha

We source only the finest in organic stone ground matcha from the mountains of Kyoto. Think pristine mountains, perfect climate and the best growing conditions.

Matcha Recipes

Matcha isn't just for tea or a creamy latte, you can put it in almost everything, like dee-lish deserts or amazingly smooth cocktails.

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Buy premium organic Japanese Matcha

Whether you want to drink, eat and/or love our matcha, it's all on our shop page for your pleasure. And remember, for every product you purchase, you are planting 10 trees in countries that truly need help.