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Healthy, delicious,

life-changing Matcha.



Matcha + Us

We have some of the best and fair priced premium organic Japanese matcha going around. We know it and so will you, but we want to do more than just rock your tastebuds with amazing matcha. We want to plant millions of trees around the planet.

Every product you buy, we plant 10 trees around the world in countries that truly need the help and support. Why? Because we think that the benefits of Matcha shouldn’t stop making you feel good when you aren’t drinking it.

You have two homes


Let’s take care of them both.

Trees planted around the world: 5070


Our Matcha

We source only the finest in organic stone ground matcha from the mountains of Kyoto. Think pristine mountains, perfect climate and the best growing conditions.

Matcha Recipes

Matcha isn't just for tea or a creamy latte, you can put it in almost everything, like dee-lish deserts or amazingly smooth cocktails.

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SEI - 100% Organic Premium Japanese Ceremonial Matcha.

This is our best stuff! The highest grade organic matcha coming out of UJI, Kyoto. It comes only from the very first harvest of the year and only the best leaves are chosen for this exquisite blend

If you want to experience what amazing and real premium ceremonial matcha is… This is what you need.


Buy premium organic Japanese Matcha

Whether you want to drink, eat and/or love our matcha, it's all on our shop page for your pleasure. And remember, for every product you purchase, you are planting 10 trees in countries that truly need help.

What is MATCHA ?
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Matcha is made from tea leaves which are shade-grown for 20 days under reed or straw screens before harvest, dried and then stone ground into a densely nutritious powder. The shading process causes the plants to produce more chlorophyll (what gives matcha that deep green colour) and dramatically increases the amount of L-theanine (the reason why monks have been drinking this stuff for centuries).


The tea species used to make matcha, “Camellia Sinensis”, is the same used to make the typical green tea you see in your local cafe, restaurant or tea shop. However, matcha is a lot more nutritious than regular green tea.

But why?

When drinking typical green tea, you would steep the leaves in hot water, drink the tea and discard the leaves throwing away a lot of good stuff within the leaves. Whereas with matcha, you consume the whole leaves in your tea or latte (or any other drink), so you end up ingesting a lot more potent beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.


The origins of matcha date back over 1 thousand years where it all started in China, not Japan like most would think. Seeds were taken to Japan several hundred years ago by monks where they grew green tea and made it into matcha. They would use matcha to help focus on meditation and they also knew for a long time the associated health benefits even before the science caught up.

Over the centuries while matcha started becoming ingrained within Japanese culture, the Japanese farmers refined and improved the production of matcha to get it to where it is now. We go into more depth about the origins of matcha here if you want to learn more!

Why Organic?
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One of our core values is HEALTH which means you need to know what you are putting into your body. We only have matcha which is 100% certified organic and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The Japanese farmers are known for their healthy farming practices however, if you are not using organic matcha, you may still be consuming pesticides and/or insecticides. These are not good for you in any type of food or drink but as we mentioned above in what is matcha? you are consuming the whole leaf when drinking or eating matcha, not just the steeped water like typical green tea so we think you should make sure whenever you are indulging yourself with some delicious matcha, make sure its organic!